Sports at the PCSS

PCSS believe firmly in promoting the health and physical well-being of their pupils, and to that end there are many sporting activities which children can take part in to boost their fitness levels while developing all of the other essential skills that come with being part of a sports team. Leadership, social skills and cooperation are just some of the ways in which PCSS's sporting activities help to shape the students and to prepare them for a successful future in which they can flourish and be healthy and fit. By encouraging young people to participate more fully in sporting activities, Prince Charles Secondary School hopes to promote a positive attitude towards health and fitness and to help set children up for a long, healthy and active life where sport plays a prominent role and well-being is paramount. Some of the sports in which pupils can participate include:


Volleyball is an extremely popular club for both boys and girls and is a great way of staying healthy and fit. PCSS runs teams for both sexes and across all age groups, with banting, junior and senior teams. Not only can the pupils enjoy playing in friendly matches but they can also take part in competitions against other schools within the region, with matches during the day, at evenings and at weekends to which parents are encouraged to attend.


Basketball is another popular sport which is open to both girls and boys on campus. As well as running basketball lessons as part of the school physical education curriculum, there are also basketball clubs for both sexes for for pupils across all grades. Pupils can play in both friendly games and also in competitive matches regionally, with pupils and parents being invited to attend evening and weekend games.


It is only right that Canada's national sport should be represented at PCSS, and it comes as no surprise that this is one of the more popular sporting activities at the school. The hockey teams at the school have been extremely successful and participate in regional and local competitions to which students, parents and staff are welcome to attend.

Student waiting to play hockey


Although soccer isn't the most popular sport on campus, it represents an excellent opportunity to get outdoors and to stay fit at the new football facility. Soccer is available to pupils from every grade and is available as an out of school club. Soccer is an excellent sport for learning more about cooperative and social skills and about working as part of a team whilst also maintaining a high level of fitness.

Cross Country

Both boys and girls are welcome on the PCSS cross country team, and students at all levels of ability are welcome to attend. Cross country represents an excellent opportunity to get out in the fresh air and to boost cardio performance while enjoying the spectacular scenery around Creston. Students can either try cross country for fun or participate in the competitions which are regularly held against other schools in the district.