About Prince Charles Secondary School

Prince Charles Secondary School is the local high school for the valley of Creston. As the only high school serving the area, it is a popular and successful school offering the highest standards of education for children in the 8th to 12th grades. Accepting children from the area's three elementary schools, PCSS has a mission to produce well-rounded, independent and creative citizens who are ready to make a difference.


PCSS can be found on 18th Avenue in Creston, and enjoys a spectacular location in the East Kootenay region of British Columbia in Canada. The small town of approximately 4000 people has a number of more remote surrounding communities, bringing the total population of the local area closer to 15,000 people. PCSS is under the remit of Kootenay Lake School District #8 which serves the heart of British Columbia's southern interior. The community is very rural, with the area's primary industries include forestry and agriculture as well as tourism, thanks to the many visitors that come to the region thanks to its scenic landscapes and beautiful Kootenay Lake. Close to the border with the USA, Creston sees its fair share of American visitors as well as other overseas tourists and those from around Canada who come to explore the beautiful region and the unique festivals and special evenets that the city has - Creston Valley Farmers' Market, Valentine’s Ladies’ Bonspiel, Men’s Butterfly Bonspiel. You can gift your partner with the festive and friendly atmosphere along with an amazing gift, more information here. The tourists can find everything here in Creston - local arts and crafts, romantic landscapes, beautiful city with one of the best landmarks in southeastern British Columbia, Canada.

Student Body

PCSS serves a diverse community of students from grades 8 to 12, and there are currently approximately 500 pupils on roll. The students who attend Prince Charles Secondary School are drawn from the three local feeder elementary schools – Canyon-Lister Elementary School, Adam Robertson Elementary School and Yahk Elementary School. Only the children with the best code of conduct are accepted though.

School Hours

For parents who need to contact the school, the office is open every school day when the term is in session from September to June, opening at 7.30 am and closing at 3.30 pm. The school day is in session from 8.42 am until 3.08 pm Monday to Friday.

The PCSS Theatre

The Prince Charles Secondary School has an active and thriving arts program and is especially well known in the area for its theatrical productions at the theatre - one of the best school facilities in the area. The PCSS school theatre offers professional quality facilities and is used regularly by visiting performers bringing cultural events to the local Creston community.

The School's Aims And Mission

PCSS has a mission to help all of its students to have a positive educational experience, developing their mathematics, writing and reading skills in order to prepare them fully for further educational opportunities and work in the adult world. By empowering students with confidence and the belief that they can be successful, PCSS encourages all of its pupils to become active and responsible citizens who are keen to take up their role in caring for the environment and others around them. The school also fosters closer links with the Aboriginal community and boasts a strong integration within the community. The motto is “Opening Doors To The Future” and this is the school's overall aim and mission for all of its student body.

Parent Teacher Relations

PCSS takes pride in the strength of its links to the community, and especially with its relations with pupils and their parents. The school takes great pains to forge strong bonds with families of the student body and to take their views and opinions on board in order to improve the school as a whole. There is an active PAC which holds monthly meetings with the headteacher, Mr Scott Cobbe, to discuss relevant issues and to draw up plans for improvements and future purchases for the benefit of the pupils, and there are also regular reports sent home to parents with opportunities to come in and speak to the teachers at any time. Not only that, but there are also regular Family Days held throughout the year, giving parents a greater insight into the running of the school and the environment in which their children work and study.

School classroom

The History of The School

There has been a school in Creston since the late 19th century, however the current PCSS building was not constructed until the 1980s after being destroyed by fire on the 29th April, 1980. Although this event was a serious setback in the life of the town, the school commemorates the occasion every year, viewing it as its rebirth rather than its demise. The current school building will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of its construction in 2020, and a major celebration is planned for the town with gifts being presented to the school in the form of a special rose that will mark the occasion in a truly memorable way.

Prince Charles Secondary School Welcome Message

"Whether you are a pupil, a student or just a visitor, we would like to welcome you to Prince Charles Secondary School in Creston, BC. Our school encompasses grades 8 to 12 and we have approximately 500 pupils on roll from the town of Creston and its surrounding area. We are proud of our school which has served the town for many years, and we are equally proud of the many students who have graduated from our institution over the years. We strive to give every student the best possible chance in life, and offer a nurturing and warm environment in which every pupil can shine."

Contact Us

Do you need to get in touch with us? Please send us an email to OFFICE (at) PCSSCRESTON (dot) CA !