Interest Clubs

PCSS believes that education isn't all about what happens in the classroom – extra-curricular activities also have a key role to play in turning our students into well rounded citizens with a broad spectrum of experience and interests. Our out of school clubs help to widen our pupils' range of knowledge and encourage socialisation, cooperation and engagement. Some of our clubs promote healthy activity, others help to widen cultural understanding, and still others just give our pupils the opportunity to form stronger friendships among their peer group. Here is a quick guide to some of the clubs on offer for PCSS pupils.

girl playing volleyball


Volleyball is one of the most popular out of school sport clubs and represents a great way for young people to stay fit and healthy. There are volleyball teams for both boys and girls, and historically, they are extremely successful, winning games and awards for the school in region wide matches. Parents are encouraged to attend and watch the games, and many are held at the weekends to make attendance easier. There are junior and senior teams to accommodate the pupils in all grades.

Video Screenings

A very popular after school activity is the regular video screening which takes place in the school auditorium. The movies are in various genres and pupils from all grades are welcoming to attend. The screenings are held in the evenings and are a great way for students of all ages to get together and enjoy themselves in a laid back environment.

International Service Learning

The International Service Learning program is a great way for our students to widen their knowledge of worldwide cultures and to develop a stronger sense of their own purpose in the world. This fulfilling program allows students to participate in trips to other countries, such as Mexico, and to take part in intercultural events and experiences. This is a valuable program and also contributes towards student credits.

girl playing volleyball


The PCSS drama department is very active and is thriving in the professional quality PCSS theatre. The space is often used by visiting groups and companies to put on shows for the local community, however the school itself puts on full scale theatrical productions and encourage students in all grades to get involved. Students are given the opportunity to not only act but also to work in other roles behind the scenes, and this after school club gives many children a valuable confidence boost while also allowing them the opportunity to widen their friendship groups. Shows are put on at least once per year and students, parents and staff are all welcome to attend.


Sporting activities prove to be very popular at our Creston school among both the boys and girls in the student body, and the basketball club is one of the best attended out of school clubs on campus. There are teams for all ages and for both boys and girls. Not only do the pupils have the opportunity to play in friendly matches, they also have the chance to compete on a regional level. Pupils and parents are encouraged to attend the games which often take place in the evenings or at weekends to accommodate.

girl playing volleyball


PCSS's photography group is very popular and produces some impressive work that is often showcased at sales to parents and the wider community. Creston is well known for its attractive landscapes and scenery, and the photography group take advantage of this stunning location by finding creative ways to represent the local area.

Youth Pow Wow

Including the student body in decisions about the school and their wider community is part of the PCSS mission, and the Youth Pow Wow gives the pupils the opportunity to get involved and to have their say in what they think should happen on campus. The Youth Pow Wow also aims to children from all backgrounds for a more diverse group. Meetings are held off campus during the evenings.