School Facilities

PCSS is proud to boast some of the most cutting edge facilities to allow its pupils to achieve their best in their education. The current building was constructed in the 1980s, however it has been kept up to date, with changes being made over the years to accommodate the pupils more effectively and the best enable them to further their opportunities. PCSS also boasts a number of other excellent facilities to further the children's study, including a well-stocked library, and an attractive courtyard where students can socialise between lessons.

Scene for theatre

The PCSS Theatre

One of the top features of the school is its professional quality theatre which often hosts visiting groups and productions for the local community. This impressive venue is also home to the school's own drama club and also for drama lessons within the curriculum and is a wonderful environment in which to learn more about the dramatic arts, and in which to develop the confidence necessary to succeed in life. The Auditorium also serves as the presentation hall where school presentation ceremonies are carried out.

Music Department

Music is a key part of life at PCSS, and the music department offers pupils the opportunities to develop and widen their understanding of music theory as well as to learn the basics of playing a range of musical instruments. Offering the expertise necessarily to develop students' musical talents, there are opportunities to perform for both the student body and also for parents and the wider public with the PCSS musical team.

Shop, Metalwork and Woodwork

One of the most practical areas of the school building is the large wing which is dedicated to vocational subjects such as automotive, metalwork and woodwork. These fully equipped departments give students the grounding that they need to go on to careers within these industries and to learn the basics to widen their academic knowledge.

Runway Stadium for trainings

Gymnasium And Sporting Facilities

The PCSS gymnasium offers all of the essential facilities for young people to get fit and active and to practice their sporting skills in an indoor environment. This large and well equipped area of the school is used both for physical education lessons and also to accommodate after school sporting activities. There is also a large external space outside the school for outdoor sports, as well as self-contained changing room facilities with their own showers and bathroom, which are separate from the main building and which are conveniently located for the sporting areas.