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Privacy and Data Protection Policy in Writing

The privacy of our customers plays an essential role. In order to guarantee the communication and implementation of PCCS Creston programs, the transfer and disclosure of certain personal information is required. PCCS Creston ensures that only the information which is required to carry out an exchange will be transmitted to the parties that are involved in the programme. All information is confidential and used only within the required programme and company network.

data Security

PCCS Creston utilizes all technical and organizational means, based on the latest information technology, to safeguard your personal information against loss or damage and from unauthorized access.

Changes to the data privacy statement

PCCS Creston reserves the right at all times to modify this privacy statement without notice. Inform you every time you use our website up- to-date privacy policy.. PCCS Creston uses only data from the contact form to process your questions and suggestions and to give you information in return.


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Changes to the data privacy statement

PCCS Creston reserves the right at all times to modify this privacy statement without notice without informing anyone at any time

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