Creston City

Creston is a beautiful place to live in the heartland of southern British Columbia. Today, it is home to around 5000 inhabitants and is just 6 miles north of the US border. Located close to the beautiful Kootenay Lake, Creston is a friendly and historical town with a strong community atmosphere.

Why Creston?

Creston may not be one of Canada's best known towns, or even one of the best known in British Columbia, however it has a lot to offer its residents. Small and close knit, Creston offers everything that its citizens need for a happy and fruitful life, all surrounded by stunning countryside.


The History Of Creston

With a fascinating history that dates back centuries, the town did not truly begin to develop until 1901 when the first orchards were planted in the valley, having been imported from Ontario. This was the beginning of Creston's strong association with the forestry industry. A Board of Trade was set up in 1908 and in the same year, the first newspaper in the valley was issued, showing the town's new burgeoning status. Within just a handful of years, a bank, school where 8-12 graders would study and three churches were constructed as loggers, farmers and miners flocked to the area to take advantage of employment opportunities, and in 1919, Camp Lister was settled just south of the town to accommodate soldiers returning from the First World War. This extended the number of communities in the valley and agriculture began to dominate the work scene with the livestock industry firmly establishing itself too. Creston was finally officially declared a village in 1924 in a special ceremony. Once Creston had been incorporated, it started to grow exponentially, with Boy Scouts, a curling club and a golf club being established in the area. As facilities started to increase, Creston eventually became a town in 1965 and achieved the status that it enjoys today.

Creston's Economy

The economy of the Creston Valley is resource based, with forestry and agriculture having traditionally played a strong role. Many local people are also employed within the service sector, with tourism becoming ever more prominent as visitors from overseas, the USA and the rest of Canada being drawn by the beautiful scenery and laid back lifestyle. Education and government services are also major employers in the area and there are some other independent employers in the district including the Columbia Brewery that produces Kokanee Beer and the Skimmerhorn Winery which produces award winning wine. One of Creston's claims to fame is that it is the biggest producer of cherries in the Northern hemisphere and is a major exporter of the fruit to Europe and Asia. The same cherries can be found being sold at roadside markets in the town.

Creston city

Traditions And Events

Creston is a wonderfully friendly community with strong social bonds. One of the best things about living in a small town is that everyone knows each other and is supportive of other families. There are many festivals and events held throughout the year that bring the community even closer together. Some of the most popular include the annual Winter Festival and Santa Claus parade during the holiday season, the Annual Health and Wellness Fair, the yearly Halloween Fright Night and the Yahk Summerfest. There are also regular Farmer's Markets and karaoke nights as well as story times for children in both English and French languages. There are many yearly traditions in the town, including recreations of important events in the town's history, put on by the Creston Museum. These occasions celebrate the town's heritage and help the children to learn more about how the town grew and developed.