PCSS offers the highest standard of education for its pupils in all grades from 8 to 12. With a broad and balanced curriculum that embraces all of the core subjects together with vocational subjects, the arts and physical education, students with a wide range of interests and abilities are accommodated and catered for. With highly qualified and professional teachers who are dedicated to helping pupils achieve their best, PCSS takes pride in the outstanding opportunities that are offered to Creston's children that can point them in the right direction for success, and give them the confidence and skills that they need to go on to successful careers. These three core areas, supported by physical education, performance and applied arts and vocational and technical subjects ensure that pupils from grades 8 to 12 at PCSS enjoy a balanced and well rounded educational environment that gives them the best chance of success in later life.

Class Types

PCSS offers a curriculum that is based on the British Columbia model for a 21st century education system. The newly introduced curriculum ensures that all of the key subjects are included to cover the basic skills as well as a greater breadth of topics to extend children's interests and greater understanding of the world around them. The primary focus of the curriculum is built on the foundation of numeracy and literacy skills, as PCSS recognises that these critical skills form the basis of any solid education, and the other wider subjects build on the knowledge that these two core subjects give. The children are spread out over 3 classes per grade to ensure that class sizes never become unmanageably large. The other curriculum areas include:

  • 1. Arts, design and applied skills
  • 2. Technology
  • 3. French
  • 4. Social Studies
  • 5. Physical education
  • 6. Science, covering all three major areas of chemistry, biology and physics

The Importance Of Languages

The first of the three class groups is focused on languages, both English and French. While almost all of the students at PCSS have English as their first language, French is still one of Canada's official languages and having a strong understanding of its structure is essential to a well rounded education. English language skills are essential regardless of which career path students choose in later life. The importance of being able to read, write and communicate effectively cannot be underestimated, and when working in any industry, these skills are always highly in demand. As part of the English literacy classes at PCSS, students should study literature within the curriculum – both classical and modern. This helps to widen their language skills and improve vocabulary as well as boosting creativity and giving a broader knowledge of the world at large. Foreign languages are also key in today's modern society. The world is becoming an ever-smaller place, and being able to communicate with others in their own language is more important than ever before. Language skills are much in demand, and whether choosing a career that is dedicated to languages, for example in teaching or translating, or whether simply working in the tourist industry, having the ability to speak, write and understand a second language makes students especially attractive to employers.

girls speakign to each other

Mathematics And Sciences

The PCSS mathematics and science departments are dedicated to helping students to graduate with all of the skills they need to live a productive life and to be successful in obtaining the further qualifications that they desire or the career path that they have been dreaming of. Mathematics rivals literacy as the key skill to learn in school, as without it, it is impossible to fully function in the modern world. The basics of understanding measurement, calculation and money are essential when applying for any position, and strong math skills are in high demand. Students studying science at PCSS receive a firm grounding in all three of the major sciences – physics, biology and chemistry. They learn the basics of how the world around them works and gain a deeper understanding of the building blocks of life and nature itself. Science graduates are in high demand worldwide, and PCSS's science department ensures that pupils are well equipped to study at a higher level in order to pursue careers as diverse as forensics, medicine, veterinary science, biochemistry and engineering.

Boy drawing maths on the table

Information Technology and Computer Programming

IT is the way of the future, and PCSS ensures that every pupil leaves with excellent computer literacy skills. There is barely a job left that does not involve some element of working with technology, and having a firm understanding of the basics is key to finding suitable employment. IT is a flourishing career path, and many PCSS graduates have gone on to study computer programming and technology at universities and have gone on to pursue careers in the information technology and computer science field.